The knowledgeable team at Altius prides itself with its ability to provide its most discerning client with the best and most ethical advice surrounding aircraft sales and acquisition.

As a Buyers Agent, Altius will:

  • Assess the clients needs and recommend the appropriate aircraft for their mission.
  • Assess the current market & provide a comprehensive list of available aircraft
  • Negotiate the price, terms and conditions of the Contract on behalf of our client
  • Arrange pre-buy inspection and review, inspect and evaluate the logbooks, records and physically go through the aircraft.
  • Consult on tax and legal issues and recommend insurance and finance sources and options.

As a Sellers Broker our team will market your aircraft and use its best efforts to move the airplane as quickly as possible for the best price possible.

Our services include:

  • Perform a competitive review of your aircraft and table top evaluation of the value of your aircraft. If required the Altius team will coordinate an aircraft appraisal to determine the most accurate value of your aircraft.
  • Use of professional photographs and provide a detail list of specifications and maintenance records
  • Altius markets your aircraft in all forms of media including direct mail, email and phone calls
  • Our team follows up on all inquiries
    immediately from all prospective purchasers
  • Our team will negotiate all aspects of the sale from start to finish

If you have any questions or would like assistance with Aircraft Sales, please call us anytime, day or night, at