Established in 2008, Altius Aviation, LLC (“Altius”) is an FAA certified Part 135 air carrier (certificate #Y9NA330M) providing aircraft management and charter services. Operating from the Syracuse Hancock International Airport (KSYR), New York and Essex County Airport, New Jersey (KCDW), Altius is led by a team of highly experienced aviation professionals. Altius is owned by a privately held aviation group with more than 6 decades of experience.

At Altius Aviation, LLC we have a 6 point operational philosophy that defines both us as a firm and the type of clients we serve.



At Altius our top priority is safety… your safety. This dedication and mindset begins long before you set foot on the aircraft. It starts with highly trained and qualified professionals that are driven to minimize risk and maximize safety. Utilizing precise and detailed procedures and advanced technology we are dedicated to achieving the mission without compromise.



High availability means having your aircraft ready for when you or your charter customers need it. It means having the aircraft interior look as new as the day it left the factory before every single flight. It means having our employees work on your schedule so that we can minimize possible disruptions to your needs.



At Altius we know how important your time is and we respect it. We also recognize that reliability affects safety and the availability of your aircraft. Reliability means that we take the time to be detail oriented and vigilant of possible problems before they occur. We also focus on having open communications with our customers regarding our operations. We recognize that open communications can greatly enhance the customer’s ability to best utilize their time in the event of an unforeseen delay. At Altius we know how much our customers depend on us and we pledge that we will be there for you!



We believe that a company should be accountable to its customers. At Altius accountability starts with you having a point of contact 24/7. Accountability means that we understand that our responsibility to you doesn’t start when you board the plane or end when you leave the plane. Altius takes accountability a step further and extends it into our business relations with everyone involved with the operation of your aircraft be it our employees, flight personal, or suppliers.



Our definition of leadership means going above and beyond the standard and raising the bar in our field. We recognize that you have a choice in your business partners and we recognize that the best way to retain your business is to be the leader in our industry. This leadership covers every facet of our operation from how we interact with our customers to our interactions with competitors and the community.



Think back to your childhood; remember how stores used to go out of their way to make you satisfied? Remember how the consumer experience beat your expectations? Remember how the customer was always right? Today it feels like much of the world has changed, but we at Altius still believe in those same principles and try to apply them EVERY SINGLE DAY.



Our Aircraft Management Solutions are customized to meet your needs and objectives. Our programs are structured to protect you and your asset and designed to enhance the benefits and enjoyment of aircraft ownership. You maintain control and use of the aircraft with complete confidence that you have entrusted your asset to the right company.

Altius will handle your day-to-day responsibilities. We are responsible for all of your flight planning and scheduling in addition to overseeing every trip detail. We provide accounting, legal, maintenance, operations, and human resource services for each of our owners. Our attention to every detail is shown through every member of the Altius Team of Professionals.